BELTWIN conveyor belt vulcanizers

What’s DSLQ-S series and what it can do:

The DSLQ-S sectional has uniform pressure bag and aluminum/steel bolt and high grade aluminum platens and beams with restraining system set as standard. Such belt splicing system designed to be portable and easy to set-up and remove from the site. We can manufacture to all sizes and pressure up to 200 psi required for different fabric belts and steelcord belts.


  • Waterbag (also can use air pressure) Press for 100PSI, 200PSI etc. surface pressure for textile and steel cord belts, Up to 1.8Mpa.
  • 100 p.s.i. (7 kg/cm sq.) units suitable for splicing fabric ply belting
  • 200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm sq.) units suitable for splicing steelcord conveyor belting
  • Max Belt width: from 650mm to 3000mm
  • Different heating platen size and combination.
  • Degree of the heating platen: 22 degree bias angle or 17 degree, 20 degree, rectangle and other degree is optional.
  • Power Voltage: 380V. 660V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V
  • Vulcanizing temperature:145℃ (adjustable 0~200℃)
  • Temperature-rising time (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature): no more than 50 min, accords to different conditions, actually, normal conditions, is around 25~30 mins.
  • Improved cooling system, when use pressure pump for cooling, cooling time only 5mins (cooling from 145 to 75 degrees)
When order, pls supply below information, our engineer will make a solution for you, or pls choose one model from bottom traditional sizes table
  1. Max belt width
  2. Heating platen length (or pls supply belt manufacturer’s recommended splice length)
  3. What kind of belt, light duty belts or heavy duty belts
  4. Working Voltage
  5. Pressure requirements (as our experience, normal is 0.8Mpa, for EP belts is 1.2Mpa, for steelcord belts is 1.4Mpa)
  6. Degree of heating platen (standard will be 22 degree)

Common Size Tables:

heating platen drawing

1. 100 p.s.i. (7 kg/cm sq.) units suitable for splicing fabric ply belting.

Dimension table 01

2. 200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm sq.) units suitable for splicing steelcord conveyor belting.Dimension table 02

Main Componets:

1. Aluminum Frame (Spanner Bars), made of high quality aluminum are engineered for any belt width or operating pressure. From EA up to E430

EA EB beam

beam dimension

2. High tensile steel bolt and nut assemblies are recessed in the bar.  (for low pressure requirements, also have light weight aluminum material)
Improved restraining system is simple and easy to use, protect against hazards that might result in the event of a bolt failure.

bolt & nut

3. Lightweight aluminum platens use new rapid cooling system within platens.

heting platen with water cooling system

4. Custom sizes, rectangular configurations and multiple platen arrangements are also available on request.

beltwin unipress vulcanizer

5. New electric connect system Old design plug & socket, is flat plug, the plug pins easy broken.

new plug & socket

6 Pressure bag system, can used for both water and air, one time molding, without metal frame, light weight, testing pressure out of our factory is 2.5MPA  (old design pressure bag fixed with metal frame and bolts, heavy weight)

belt vulcanizer rubber pressure bag

7. Automaitc control panel: with time control and digital temperature control. All the parts use high quality electric devices with CE certificated.

In case of electronic controller failure, manual operation is possible as well


8. Pressure: A. Automatic pressure pump with pressure gauge, allows easy application of pressure up to 200PSI. For steelcord belting, standard will be auto pressure pump. After use new cooling system in the heating platen, now also use pressure pump for cooling. B. Cooling pump , when work with air compressor, air pressure, no pressure pump, such cooling  pump can used for cooling.  (Pls note that, if have any special requirements of the cooling pump working voltage, pls inform us before order, standard voltage is 220V single phase) C. Manual Pump: manual water pressure