rubber conveyor belt spot repair vulcanizer

Compact Spot Conveyor Belt Repair Presses ( U type)

  • In light-weight construction for spot repairs on rubber conveyor belts. All the parts use aluminum. 
  • Particularly easy-to-transport due to the low weight of the single parts
  • Transportation by only one person is possible, as there are only two components and light weight.
  • For max belt width under 1600mm and under 2400mm, 2 size.
  • With pressure bag for steelcord belt repairs or mechanical structure for low pressure requirements.
  • Compare with belt vulcanizer, it used smaller controller, also with temperature and time automatic control.
  • Compare with old spot repair press, the whole structure use aluminum alloy, easy operation and light weight.
  • Pressure: 0.3~0.5Mpa
  • Power 1.6~1.7KW
  • Voltage: Single phase 220V or 380V
  • Heating platen dimension: 350*350mm, can use for broken size 250*250mm, (Almex SSP repair presses use 300*300mm heating platen)

Special requirements: Voltage, Pressure, Temperature, Heating platen dimension etc. we can make special for you, if you have any requirements. 

Main Componets:

Speical profiles for machine body made of high-alloy aluminum

rubber conveyor belt spot repair press

Auto Controller: In case of electronic controller failure, manual operation is possible as well

1. Main switch (circuit breaker with leakage protection); 2. Electronic type time relay (timer); 3 & 4. Temperature controllers for lower and upper heating platens;

5. Power indicator; 6. Alarm Indication; 7 & 8. Indicating lamp of lower and upper heating platens;  9 & 10. Automatic / Manual switch of lower and upper heating platens; 11. Voltmeter

spot repair press controller

New Electric Connect System:

spot repair press platens