PROBLEMS you may face or have faced:

  • European equipment out of budget.
  • Have good idea, but big company can’t make special for you or very high cost.
  • Various machines from many suppliers, time and money loss, any problems have to communicate with each one of them.
  • Slow reaction, delay delivery, nobody responsible for your benefit.
  • You offer 24/7 service for your customers, but you can’t get the same serivce for your machines.
  • Many old machines, slow production process, low productivity, big loss, low-quality fabrication.
  • No trouble shooting and maintenance, slow or wrong response, no service.
  • Want to open one workshop, but afraid of experience of belt fabrication and where to buy from the good belting.

Solutions Beltwin guarantees:

Beltwin Belt Splicing Solutions, whatever you thought or not:

  • European standard high-quality machine with favorable price.
  • Experienced technical team understand conveyor belt machines, and can work together with you to make machines accords to your requirements. Nothing is impossible.
  • One-stop service, total solution for your workshop, whole set of machines with uniform standard and performance. Any problems of your any machines, just contact with us.
  • Short reaction time, standard machines we have stocks, allowing us to ship within 3 days world-wide maximize your benefits.
  • Any time, our team are ready to answer your any questions of the machines and offer you solutions, you can contact with us via email, whatsapp. Contact Beltwin Support Team Now
  • More and more new machines for belt fabrication, increase your productivity and working quality.
  • Only focus on machines for belt fabrication and base the big market in China, our team have faced so many different issues, can offer in-time and proper trouble-shooting and maintenance guidance.
  • We can help to make whole workshop solution, training service for workers and share with you the belting manufacturers informations in China.

Please let us know how we can help, contact us now.